About the Small Business Collective.AE

Small businesses are something we are very passionate about, and it is our responsibility as members of the community to promote, support and raise awareness!

We feel strongly that fair opportunity should be given to small businesses. Small businesses are often disadvantaged compared to their larger competitors for a multitude of reasons. For example, large chains can often rely on their expensive marketing campaigns, small businesses rely on word of mouth. Large chains have demand for bulk stock, small businesses need to hope suppliers will deliver smaller quantities. Large chains benefit from lower costs for high supply, small businesses pay higher because they don’t need 30,000 coffee cups every month. Large chains have warehouses, while small businesses have storage rooms in the back of their shop.

This message is universal across the world. Take the time to learn who your small businesses are, find out how you can support them. Know that every time you like, share, comment, every item purchased, photo posted, recommendation made changes the course of a small business’s future.

Small businesses start with dreams, passion and love. And you know each time you engage with a small business owner, whether they are providing a service or offering trade, they are grateful! The beauty of a small business is knowing that they truly care about your experience. Each time you engage with a small business, you are participating in someone else’s dream, if only for a moment!

The Small Business Collective.AE is an open, fair platform where you will find everything related to small businesses. We share interviews and articles called "Up Close With" sessions, as well as have a comprehensive directory that is continuously growing. We also share a monthly newsletter, discussing the latest news in SME business.  

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