The essence of a collective is that it is the joint effort of the community which brings success to all, meeting our philosophy 'Community over Competition'. This means it cannot be successful without your support. 

  • Asta Lifestyle

    Asta Lifestyle offer artisanal homeware and lifestyle accessories. Focused on telling the stories behind their items, they fight to promote conscious consumerism with meaningful choices.Not only are their items beautifully designed, but their blog posts showcase beautiful stories behind every product.

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  • Wasted

    Wasted are committed to making every gift unique. They collaborate with other small businesses to create bespoke gift boxes that are eco-friendly, sustainable and completely personalized. The experience from a to z with Wasted is careful, thoughtful and exciting; especially the final product: unique, pinterest-worthy arrangements to put a smile on anyone's face!

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  • Inka Haani

    Inka Haani is a one stop shop for ethical fashion, sustainable lifestyle and gifting solutions all genders, occasions and ages. Their handpicked products focus on ensuring all aspects of the supply chain are ethical and sustainable.

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  • Rock Paper Project

    Rock Paper Project are a start up business that offers everything you need to create arts and craft memories with the whole family. Their group painting kits are one of our favourites, along with their workshops that are perfect to keep little ones busy. 

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  • The Botanist

    The Botanist came to life out of necessity. Tired of harsh household cleaning products with toxins and chemicals, this mum from France got busy developing gentle, health safe and eco-friendly cleaning products that are never tested on animals and leave your house sparkling clean and smelling lovely.

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  • Bound No.82

    Bound No.82 have an amazing range of sustainable, ethical and authentic homewares made by local artisans in the Middle East and beyond. Bound No.82 is run by two mothers, who are dedicated to showing their daughters that they can make their dreams a reality through hard work, dedication and self belief.

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  • Socks Apart

    Inspired by the foolish, the quirky, the downright absurd, this husband and wife duo wanted to create something that stands out. Sock aficionado's, they wanted to bring their love of fun and creativity into every day life - enter Socks Apart!

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  • Inna Carton

    Inna Carton create bespoke gift boxes with are as useful as they are beautiful. They handpick unique products from around the world to create luxurious collections too spoil any lucky receiver. They are a female founded start up with a passion for spreading meaning among and between people, through the art of gift giving.

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  • Peahead.Eco

    Peahead.Eco is the lockdown boredom-turned-genius brainchild we didn't know we needed. With an eye for creativity, a heart committed to sustainability and a promise of fun, Peahead.Eco designs hand made bags and accessories out of pretty much anything! The iconic Spinneys bag makes for a unique fashion statement, or as they call it: Covid Couture! 

    Keep an eye out for even bigger dreams; Peahead are delving into the world of furniture and homewares. The sky is the limit for their up-cycling undertakings!

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  • Thrift For Good

    Thrift for Good is powered by a large group of volunteers with a zero waste vision; rehoming pre-loved items that are donated and repairing & recycling items to bring them back to life! With a commitment to offsetting their carbon emissions, they are fighting against fast fashion by thrifting... for good!

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