How to use the Small Business Collective.AE

The Small Business Collective.AE is a constantly evolving platform which showcases small local businesses in the UAE. Let us break down how you can get involved, and be a part of the collective.

The collective is an inclusive, fair and free community in which we will make the effort to promote and support your small business. After all, communities work best when we come together, and that's exactly what the Small Business Collective is about. Fair promotion of small businesses.

As a small business, we need you to speak up! Let us know you are out there. There is no cost to you by letting us know you exist; as we all know, likes, comments, sharing, following is all FREE! Small Businesses thrive from WORD OF MOUTH! Let us be an added voice to your cause!

We have different types of platforms which you can featured on, from Facebook, Instagram and our website. We do 'daily highlights' on our social media, 'Up Close With' sessions - similar to a magazine article! And of course, our newest addition - The Small Business Directory! All you have to do is... ASK!

We will take the necessary steps to ensure that all businesses comply with UAE Law, meaning that we will ask for proof of a trade license, but this is not saved or used for any purpose other than to ensure our platform remains fair and legal. We do believe that the efforts small business owners go to to create their own businesses is half of the struggle! And it would not be fair to promote those who have 'skipped' the line, so to speak. This is why we ask for necessary documents, but guarantee this information is not used for any other purposes.

You may be wondering, as a consumer, how can I be of any help?

Well, consumers have the most important role of all: SUPPORT. We are all in different life circumstances, and even if our pockets can't offer a hand you wouldn't believe the power at your fingertips! Simply offering a 'like', sending a comment, sharing a page can make a big difference. You can let your friends and family know about other small businesses, before they head to the malls or to online retailers.

You should know that small businesses takes every engagement, every review, every single purchase as a sign of success. Your interaction with a small business often has something that big retailers don't... personal touch. They've built these businesses from dreams, and to them they are always precious. Wouldn't it be wonderful to feature a piece of art, made with care and love, in your home, rather than something mass produced?

How can both Business Owners and Consumers support the Small Business Collective?

Well, firstly, we encourage you to follow and share our pages! Disclaimer: the Small Business Collective does not profit from the promotions or follow-ship of our page. We are purely here to help small businesses along, especially at such a time as Covid-19 when many beloved small businesses have suffered dearly.

More visibility = more small businesses are promoted = more people find our page = more engagement = more business for everyone!

If you're looking for a way to support your community, this is it!

Find the links to our platforms below!

Facebook Instagram Website

Thank you!


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